Product development

Design and development

The range of our services includes design and development of metal and plastic parts as well as the assemblies in all industrial branches. We offer solutions in the fields like, design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for assembly (DFA). Our innovative and functional concepts are subjected to testing and simulations that lead us to high quality products. 

Product optimization

Depending on the optimization aim, we analyze the product and come up with a few solutions. In cooperation with our reliable partners for stress and/or fill analysis, we take the solution with the best and the most cost effective result.

Kinematic assemblies and motion analysis

• Kinematic analysis and motion simulation
• Design of the joints in assemblies
• Spring loaded mechanisms
• Mechatronics solutions 

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering process includes:

- 3D Scanning (with EinScan Pro, point cloud or polygon supporting data formats like: ASCII, STL)
- Data Processing - creating mesh model
- Creating CAD model 


Extensive design of rail vehicles and component for European customers.
We participated in design of the trains in Germany, Spain, France and USA.

Train seats and train moduls.
Components assembly solutions (metal, plastic, plexiglass,wood, foam and textile)

Our company is trained and experienced to provide complete rail vehicle design, including:
-Gangways, couplers and related products.
-Mechanical and electrical integration of vehicle components.
-Assistance in selecting key suppliers and components.
-Detailed 3D and 2D construction documentation.

Gauges design

Gauges design

Completing a production cycle of a part in matters of quality assurance we offer a gauges, test jigs and fixtures design according to customers technical specification and requirements.  


Areas of consulting work:

- Project management, from the idea to the series
- Feasibility analysis and component optimization
- Modification, calculations and documentation
- Simulations

Communication is maintained via:
- Audio and video conferencing
- Remote real-time review with VPN
- WebEx
- Microsoft Teams
We are fluent in  English and German.

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